Pre-market and Live Options Picks for 03 10 21

Good morning, traders. This is Jake from Let’s get the energy up today. It’s going to be a great day. I’m happy. Let’s go through our pre-market analysis. Today, I’m looking at some of the positions like BNGO where we are in a good position right here [01:06]. I think it’s up 6% pre-market. It’s weird too because these [01:16] don’t expire until January 22nd, and they’re the 15 calls. We went out quite a ways on these.

I think what I’m looking at is also perhaps the weekly. I don’t think it’s the weekly. What a nice falling ledge, just wham. We’ll go higher than the 15, I think. I mean, if I get 100% on the BNGO trade, I’m going to take 50% off. I’m going to leave the rest to just ride all the way until January 22nd. Let’s see where the chips fall. On the daily time frame, I really like that we’re starting to curl up off the low on the stochastic and low on the RSI.

We’re getting a nice bounce off this previous support here [02:09], around the $5, which is a nice, round even psychological number. Falling wedge, the sharper the wedge, the higher the pop. It’s like a rubber band. It stretches and then pops. We were up 6% earlier, pre-market. We’re going to come out of the gate nicely on BNGO.

Let’s look at ABBB. When I do this [02:48] it works, but it doesn’t tell me the extended hours. It doesn’t tell me anything. ABBB, we are up .20. Nothing crazy, but I am liking what I’m seeing on the charts. It’s getting tight. It’s getting right. I mean, we could break down. We’ve got this gap window fill here [03:27], gap window fill here [03:28]. I really want us to break up. These expire in May, the 110 calls. Just keep an eye on that daily.

There’s that [03:50]. I bought some SPY calls at the close. Sometimes it can work. It doesn’t seem to work when I want to do it, which is buy the close sell the open. We’re up .56. These SPY calls are going to be flying. They’re in the money. SPY calls will be moving.

Everything’s going to be moving guys. I mean, I’m telling you, this stimulus bill is going to pass. The markets are going to love it. I don’t care about inflation, or the rates, or the bond yields. I feel like people who are smarter than me make less money than me. That’s not always true. I know some people who are very brilliant, like Warren Buffett, who make a lot of money. I guess it goes both ways.

What is VALE doing? VALE, it’s a little down pre-market. KGC, a little bit up, nothing crazy. On the daily time frame, this [06:08] is what I’m looking for. I really want to see it break this down channel and go up. What’s the strike price on this one? May 21st seven calls. We’re almost at the seven. On the stochastic daily time frame, I want to see a little bit of a peak. This [06:33] one was a crappy peak.

What I’m hoping for is to get one of these [06:37] moves and just watch the RSI and be patient. I’m just trying to time that exit. I would like to see something. I would like to see it go up to here [06:55] around this 8.12 or higher, maybe all the way back to this 10 area, which would be good. That’s what we have there. BNGO is flying. I love it. It makes me so happy.

SPY, BA, I really like BA today for a day trade. Other than that, I’m just watching the charts. As I see things, I’ll post them. I have this big list. I have the big list right here [07:35] of all the stocks that I look at. I constantly rotate through all of these. I look at the options chain. I look at the strike prices. I look at the charts all day long on these [07:45] and more. I identify places of support, resistance. I look at the options chain. I look at every month on the options chain.

Right away, I’m already seeing things on BA. It’s a good dip buy swing opportunity. On the five-minute time frame, we’re a little high. I’m going to be looking for ten-minute dip buy opportunity. Let’s just be patient today. Have a good trade, good entries, good exits, not forcing anything. Hopefully, you guys are in all the trades I’m in and making some good money.

I use Power E*TRADE. That’s my trading platform. Leave me a comment if you’d like to take my full Master Class. I have a Master Class I just finished putting together. It took me eight months to put this together. It’s everything I know, how I look for stocks, how I analyze and scan for things, and how I find these winning trades. Some of you maybe already have gotten the Master Class, but I just wanted to make a mention there for those of you who haven’t seen it or area aware of it yet.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Markets will be opening in about 20 minutes. Let’s just keep an eye on SPY and BA. Those were my two day trades I was looking at. As far as swing trades, I may be closing some positions. I may be entering some new leap positions, or some swing trade positions based on what I see and how I feel about it. Remember, I do a lot of the hard work, which is I’m on the screen all day looking at the charts and finding perfect entries and exits.

Maybe you have a full time job. Maybe you’re a truck driver, you’re a carpenter, you’re a nurse. My goal is to basically give you winning trades that I’m taking myself. Then you can just get the alert on your phone, open your broker app on your phone, and place the order. Don’t take the day trades or the weekly expiration trades. Those require a lot more attention. Focus on more of the swing trades if you can’t watch your phone or watch your computer.

That’s all I’ve got for today. God bless, be great, and I’ll see you in the Slack and on the charts.

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