Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 01 08 2021

Let’s get right into today’s pre-market analysis. What do I see today? Let’s look at the pre-market leaders. Look at the pre-market volume on TSLA and MU. We’re going to have a great Friday. Right away, I see some pre-market action in MU and TSLA. Looks like the ones that we’re going to be taking a look at. I might take a look at Grubhub.

Then I go down to laggers. This stock, SRPT, that was an over exaggeration. If you had a chance to buy some shares yesterday after hours, that was a good dip buy opportunity. Some of our members took this trade. Then the most active stocks today are TSLA, AAPL, and SRPT. Also, I’ll scroll down a little bit. I see MU. I see AMD, MRNA, Wells Fargo.

Let’s go right into the charts. VLDR’s recovering nicely. We bought yesterday here off the 50-day simple moving average. I’m just going to blow this [2:10] up real quick. I’m going to get through these charts pretty fast because markets will be opening soon. I want to get all situated at my trading station.

Go out to the five-day on the ten-minute time frame. This [02:33] is an important area right here as you can see. This is a natural resistance. It needs to get above. I’m still holding my position. Some members closed out their position with a 60% gain yesterday. There’s also resistance here [02:52], natural resistance. The market is dictating where these areas are.

Then we’ve got this trend line right here [03:05]. I can pull this [03:11] in a little bit, so it’s touching all three. I can even pull this [03:18] down, actually, right about there [03:22]. I’m going to go out to the year-to-date on the daily timeframe, zoom out a little bit. We’ve got some nice volume pre-market. Let’s just see what we can see.

Here’s [03:41] a big area of resistance with this name. Look at that [03:46]. Zero this [03:52] out and also up here [03:56]. Zero this [04:02] out too. I’m going to bring this [04:04] down because I want this to touch this previous high right there [04:11]. I’ve got this big picture trend right here [04:19].

RSI, we’re not really overbought yet on the daily. We’ve got a little bit of a red crossover on the MCD, but I don’t know. This is still bullish to me until we get somewhere here [04:42], somewhere here [04:43], again, somewhere in this [04:47] vicinity. This is where I’m going to be looking to exit my position. Keep an eye on that.

I’m going to do something better. I’m going to go back to VDLR. Look [05:39] how it just respects all these levels, amazing. Let’s go back to the day, so I can show you on a five-minute time frame. It looks good. As long as it can stay above here [05:59], we’ll be going right back to here [06:00] and then potentially go to this 29 area is what I’m looking for. We already had the dip to below 20 RSI on the five-minute after hours. We’re already making our way back up.

IDEX, I really regret selling this stock. I had a feeling it was going to make a huge run to $4. I sold for maybe 27% gains, which is not bad. One of those things you have a feeling. I got in a little late to this trade, but really nice right here [07:06]. Here’s [07:07] the resistance. Just zero this [07:16] line out.

I’ll show you something else. I want to go out to the ten-day. This could be a really good trade. Let me go out to the year. NEO and TSLA we’re going to take a look at, and then maybe PLUG if we have time. This [08:15] is what I’m watching for today. Here’s [08:23] four, a nice, round number. I’m going to zero this [08:31] out. Let me raise it up.

This [08:50] is an area. I’m looking for gap fills. I’m looking for windows, gap windows. This [08:58] is where the sellers stepped in. We have to respect that area too. Let’s go back to the ten-day. We’re going to look at the five-minute.

I like to rotate between the 5, the 10, and the 15-minute time frame to get an idea where the buyers are stepping in, or where I should say the algorithm bots are stepping in. A lot of these names are bot-owned. Lululemon is a bot-owned name, very algo-traded. It looks good. It looks like it’s setting up for the $4 run. Then look at NEO.

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