Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 01 13 2021

I’m going to blow through this because not a lot of time before the market opens. I like to use They have a great pre-market scanner that’s just really simplified and really easy to use. We have pre-market leaders GM, TWTR, SWCH. I like TWTR. It’s got some volume. GM’s got some volume. GRUB is down.

Not a lot of volume in any of the laggers. I do see some volume here [01:50] on the most active. I see TSLA is always, AAPL is always. GM is up there. It’s new. MRNA could be good, and that’s on our watch list. I think maybe some ZOOM puts could be good depending on the market sentiment with SPY. We’ll go right into here [02:13], close some of this [02:15].

No, we were supposed to do INTC today. I was looking at the options. That’s such a shame. That’s such a bummer. The 55 calls, they were 113,000 open interest. I knew something was up. That’s just terrible. I hate seeing that [03:46]. It’s the worst feeling.

There really isn’t much more time before the market opens. Now it’s being freaking slow as dirt. I don’t even know how to trade this [04:14] anymore. MRNA, let’s see, maybe everything’s a lost cause today, hopefully not. That just pisses me off. MRNA could be good. I’m waiting for some support. I’m looking for a slow sto off the 20 to go along.

This [04:48] is a good area. I like the 130 strike price, nice, even, round number. This is also some big resistance. We could come up to here [04:56] above it, maybe, not looking for much. It’s just Wednesday, so I want to take my profits and move on. XPEV is a possible trade today.

I just can’t get over INTC right now. I’m a little sad about that. That was my number one first trade idea for the day, and now it’s already running up. XPEV, I think the 60 calls at price by the dip, it looks [05:36] like it’s holding this pretty well, which is this [05:39] area from yesterday.

We’re a little high on the slow sto, on the 5-minute and on the 15-minute. Like I said, I’m going to wait. Wait for great entries, and then we’ll take the trades accordingly. On the 15-minute, and things look [06:04] a lot different. Looks like we’re just trending up, and we’re kissing the 15. Yeah, I think XPEV 60 call is going to be the way to go. Then zero this [06:22] out. Last but not least, we’ll [06:27]. E*TRADE is not working either right now.

MRNA, GSAT, and then Comcast. It looks [07:20] like I lost my charts. It’s okay. I’ll just pull up Trading View. I like the 50 calls on Comcast. Fifty strikes and 52.50 is more of a lotto play. Going to get the 50 calls.

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