Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 01 15 2021

Markets, I think, will close early on Monday the 18th. Let’s get right into the charts, and I’ll show you guys what I’m looking at for today. I’m going to go ahead and blow this [01:07] up.

I’m looking at TSLA on the ten-minute time frame. We’re going to do some analysis today. Looking at the day time frame on the ten-minute. I keep an eye on a lot of things. We’ll be drawing some support and resistance lines. I’m going to pull this [02:01] down just a little bit because I feel like it could go there. Then we’ve also got this resistance area right here [02:14]. I’m just going to zero this [02:17] out. Then we’ve got the big 900. I would say it’s support for TSLA right in this area, right about here [02:50].

Let’s see what could happen today. Nice price upgrade on TSLA to 1,250. I’m going to go to the five-minute. My lines are still there [03:16]. That’s good. I’m going to bring this [03:23] up just a little bit more. I want it to touch a couple more areas. Price target on TSLA today will be 900. TSLA can have these kind of days. This was a good buy the dip opportunity right here [03:55] off of this historic support area, and then sideways for a day, two days. Today may be the day. Two days of consolidation is always a good sign. We pushed up, down, up, sideways. It could be a cup and handle situation.

I’m not really looking at too much today. That looks good. I’m going to check something on the ten-minute time frame. I’d like to see a little pullback to this [06:15] ten-minute time frame. I do have this [06:20] gap window.

I think AAPL was the last one I was going to look at. Coming into some good, historic support areas right here [06:42]. I think it’s going to be a little bit of a bear trap today, a lot of the bears. It’s a bear trap, meaning it’s get the bears in and send it up short squeeze scenario. We filled the gap down, sideways. We know we’ve got some more important, historical lows right in here [07:10].

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