Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 01 25 2021

Let’s get right into the day’s charts to go see what I’m looking at. I’m going to go ahead and pull up my watchlist. FUBO, wow, looking strong, up 6.23&% pre-market. We got in Friday. I decided to hold this one. I cut BBBY because I didn’t want to be too extended over the weekend. I just didn’t want to be too extended over the weekend.

Futures can be down. We could just gap down, and it could be a big loss for me. Bed Bath and Beyond is up 11.75%. I think it’s got a pretty high short float ratio. I think it is going to 35, maybe higher. We got in here [01:21] on Friday. I could have got the weekly expirations the day of Friday and then sold at the 30 strike, but I got the next week’s strike price and then sold up here for around 30% profits. Today, calls are almost $5 in the money. That’s pretty good. Sometimes you get lucky like this.

I want to take a look at ABNB because I’m curious to see how it’s doing at pre-market. It’s up 1.45%, nothing crazy, but it did have this [02:13] nice little push pre-market, which looks exciting. Look at the stochastic. It’s down here [02:20]. Could we touch 200 today? Maybe, market conditions permitting. I will be getting out possibly of my long position in Airbnb if it touches 200. I’ll have to check on the daily time frame. I’ll have to see where we’re at as far as the RSI and the stochastic. I’ll just keep an eye on this.

Potentially, a nice breakout coming. I don’t think it’s a heavily shorted stock. It’s a relatively new stock. I just got options. I don’t know. We did have this [03:35] nice red day. It came all the way down to this [03:38]. Pushed back up. It looks like it wants to go higher. It could just be in this [03:43] channel. I’m hoping for a little bit of a pop, and then look to get out when the RSI is approaching 80 on the day timeframe. That’s five-day.

We’ll blow through what I’m looking at really quick. CRSR, I wish I would have gotten into this stuff on Friday and just gone heavy. GME, what a short squeeze that was. It really started a chain reaction. CRSR, I’m looking at the 45. Forty-five is up here [04:54]. Please don’t explode. Give me just a little more time to get in. I’m going to get the 45 strike. These had monthly expiration options.

Can you imagine getting in here on the 45 strike? Not always the easiest to catch these things before they go make their moves. I think the price target for CRSR is actually 60. If I go out to the year to date, everything’s up 3%. Sixty is the number. This [06:09] is pretty close. That’s [06:11] pretty close.

We’re starting to get that crossover on the stochastic, a white, positive divergence over the negative divergence. We’re getting a curl up, too, on the RSI. I will be looking to get out at around 90 RSI. Let’s see what this [06:37] was, 89, 90 RSI. This can stay up here [06:44] for a while. I look to get entries around here [06:48]. That would have been the best entry right here [06:51].

It’s okay. No FOMO here [06:57]. It’s funny how you look at stuff. Hindsight’s 20/20. I was looking at all these names on Friday. I just didn’t want to get into a bunch of positions, be heavy, and then click over Monday, and it’s like future’s down, everything red, gapping down, just total nightmare. I didn’t want to be too extended over the weekend. That’s why I only held Airbnb and FUBO. I will be getting into some stuff this morning for the week.

GOGO, 15 is the number. A little late to the party, but I think overall it’s one of those stocks. Look at this [07:56]. Even from here [07:59] in the past, right here [08:04], it ended up going all the way up to here [08:08], which was again right around 90 RSI on the daily time frame. If we do the same deal right here [08:25], then we get a similar. I just have to watch the RSI guys. RSI is your best indicator for timing exits on the daily time frame, at least it is for me.

Look at that [08:51], 9% up pre-market, what a shame. It’s going to be hard. Definitely some FOMO. It’s better to miss something sometimes than it is to FOMO. I think more times than not, I’ll buy at the open and then it just flushes. This is a gap window fill right here [09:25], gap window, gap fill. FOMO rarely works. NEO, Friday, you could have FOMO’d in right at the open, and it would have worked for you, 400% return. Many times I bought the market open, and it was just a disaster. I try to learn from my mistakes.

How much is AMC up? Why didn’t I get AMC on Friday? Watch, it’s going to be 40% up almost. Man, that sucks. I have to buy AMC, FOMO, complete FOMO and seven calls, Friday expiration. I want to see something really quick on the options chain, not this week but February the 5th. Get rid of that [10:39]. It’s almost at five.

I’m just going to get this week’s seven call strike. It’s up 40%. It looks like a good place for an entry anyway. I think I’ll start with a small position and then just add if it goes lower. Not recommending this [11:36]. I’ve not really ever been good with averaging down.

EXPR, I wish I would have just got this Friday. This one [11:59] is the worst of them all. The pain is so real, 107% up. That sucks, but I’m getting in to the six call, the six-strike price because I think it’s going to $10. You get in anywhere here [12:35]. It still goes $3. The options on the six strike prices was .09. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be now at the open. It’s so frustrating. The last time I wanted to trade IMTC I was going to wait for the market to open. Then pre-market it shot up, shoulda, coulda, woulda.

That’s what I’m looking at for today, not much. I’ll probably FOMO into AMC and then add if it goes lower. I always keep my options positions around 3% my total portfolio. I never add my entire 3% in the first go. I always leave a little room in the tank for a little extra gas if needed. Also, PLTR is also on watch for a possible day trade for today. Those are my top picks, CRSR, GOGO, EXPR, AMC, and CCIV. I’m going to get this one too, the 40-strike price. I definitely have to get that 40.

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