Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 02 08 21

Good morning and Happy Monday, the 8th, traders. This is Jake from Today, SPY, another gap higher on stimulus bubble getting bigger. TSLA buys [00:41] wins another Super Bowl. What a great way to start the week, 390, 25 resistance if we get there. Let’s take a look at what I’m looking at on the charts.

PLTR, let me blow this [01:51] up. You can see a little better. Nice fade for a couple days, sideways, nice curling up. This could be a big picture cup and handle. We’ll go to the year-to-date. I always start with a big picture, and then I zoom in. I start wide, and then narrow it down. This [02:30] is PLTR on the daily time frame. I like PLTR a lot. I’m starting to get this [02:39] white divergence on the stochastic curling over the red, negative. This is just the colors I used, white for positive, red for negative.

RSI, what is it at? Let me zoom out a little bit. This [03:00] is what I’m going to show you guys. We didn’t quite come back to touch this 50-day moving average on the daily time frame, which I would have liked, honestly. This is the big picture right here [03:20]. Bring this [03:32] down a little bit, something like that [03:45]. There’s [03:51] your channel. Honestly, 50 could be in the cards. We’ll see. I would have liked to have gotten in here [04:04]. It would have been a better entry.

I can’t go through all these charts today. I can’t go through everything this morning because it’s already 9:14, and I still want to get ready for the market to open myself. What I would do is go into the options chain and look at the March 21st, the April 21st, and the February 21st. Maybe even February 12th, but that’s more of a day trade. It could be good.

Where is it at now, extended hours 37 up 10 points. Why didn’t we buy this [06:00] at the close on Monday? Why wasn’t anybody showing me this [06:04]? Maybe you were. I must have been tired by the end of the day Friday. PLTR, what a good gap up.

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