Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 02 11 21

Good morning, traders, this is Jake from Let’s get right into today’s charts. I’m going to keep this short and concise. I put today our watch list, Disney 221. I’m going to be so pissed if Datadog goes crazy. Where is Disney pre-market. Is it up? Is it down? It’s kind of flat.

I like Disney for an entry here [01:26] and definitely something worth giving a try. It’s worth taking a stab at this trade. There’s [01:55] your channel, ten-minute time frame. We don’t have much time before the open, but I will get some Disney. I like where Disney’s at pre-market. I think that’s a good entry. Other times, you have to wait.

XPEV, 222, that’s 221. Let’s see what is going on with XPEV. Again, a little flat, well, [02:37], excuse me. We might get a similar burst, drop. Would have liked to have bought at the end of the day. I’ll just be patient and wait for this one. Fifty-strike price would be my target.

Also, I like XPEV, speaking of which, as a swing trade on the year-to-date on the daily. Really good setup here [03:15]. I like this trade a lot. What are the dates on this? February 21st. Let me think about this for a minute. This [03:46] is the end of the month, well, not quite the end of the month. This [03:56] would be the end of the month. A lot of open interest in that strike price.

It’s also a good name to swing, January, February, March. February 26, 50 calls, so that’s 1.6. A lot of volume in this, the 21st, which is a week away. I think I’m going to switch this [05:28] to a swing trade and get the March 21st 50-strike price. We’re going to try and hopefully do one of these from here [05:40] to here [05:41]. What was this, November? December, so February, March, could be at 75. What does the 75-strike price look like? Does it show it? Open entrance, yeah, the 50, nice delta. XPEV, I’m going to switch that to three. January, February, March, so it sets to 321 50-strike price.

I was looking at Zillow as a day trade. If I go to the charts and go to five day. I think it just got a price upgrade to 218 by Webull, something like that. This is a good, potential day trade. You have to be patient on these. We can check the five-minute too. Let me see. This could be good at the open. This could be really good at the open.

The Z is a possible day trade, then the ten-minute time frame, maybe. I want to look at the five-minute really quick. It’s holding that five-minute. It could be one of those nice bursts above 190. We’ll have to just watch this [09:26] five-minute stochastic and RSI when we get around that 80 area. I do like this ticker, Z. I’ve traded Z a couple times. I’ve made good money on it. What are the options for February 12th? It’s going for the 200 today.

I like Z as a day trade. It would go like Zillow as a day trade, Pinterest as a possible day trade. The rest of these are swing trades. Disney is not really a swing trade. It expires next week, so I really wouldn’t consider that a day trade. Earnings, so it’s an immediate trade this week. Don’t go too big on this one . Always with the risk management, guys, you need to keep your position sizes the same.

I’m still in AVYA, FEYE, LAC, and NEO, which is this week’s trade. SFIX, which I think is up one point something percent last time I checked and WBT. These are leap years, the WBT and the AVYA. They won’t expire until next January. We’ve got plenty of time on these. Forget these exist. Don’t even pay attention to them. I’m going to see how far these can go, and how far you can take it, and probably won’t exercise or close my positions on those two till probably close to January, sometime in December and January. We’ve got to be really patient, sometimes with this stuff. It’s a really delicate balance. You’ve got to be patient.

SFIX will be a good one, so will FEYE. I’m excited about those. Don’t get nervous. Keep your position sizes really small, one to three precent your portfolio, and just believe in your trade idea. I do a lot of research, a lot of homework, to find these trades. Once I press that buy button, I’m committed. I’m not going to sell 10, 20, 30, 40, 50% loss. I’d rather lose 100% and be wrong than lose 50% and be right. Remember that. I try to wait and sell on good strength. I like to buy weakness and sell strength, which is counter-intuitive you would think. It’s psychologically counter-intuitive. I hope you got something out of that.

I’ll just finish this up. We’ll go through PINS, see where PINS is at right now [13:49], nice gap up. I don’t know what the news was. Did Elon tweet about Pinterest again? Nice gap up. It’s funny. Remember, we traded this last Friday? We had the 90-strike price. We bought down here [14:13] on the dip. I was expecting it to rip. I should have just got on that Friday next Friday’s 90-strike price. Then we’d be good.

It looks like it’s going for the 90s. I’m always right. I just wanted a nice, good Friday lotto trade. I guess it happens. Pinterest I’m watching. It’s got a mighty fine gap window to fill. On the ten-minute, let’s see what it looks like. I hate buying stuff like this, all maxed out stochastic, RSI, buying calls. It’s the fastest way to lose money.

PINS, I don’t know. I’ll have to come back to that one, revisit it. It’s not a top trade for me this morning out of the gate. Z is. Disney is. I’m watching Z. I’m watching Disney. I think as far as the opening bell when the market opens we’ve got a good point of entry on both of these. We’ll see. I’ve got to wait. I’ve got to wait on Disney again. It’s a lot about patience. Patience, sitting, waiting, and then striking when the moment is right. I’ll go through my watch list this morning, like Disney lingering.

What’s SPY doing? I know that the futures were up last night, ESH1. It’s always just buy the close, sell the open, on SPY. Buy the close. Well, this one [16:32] didn’t quite work. Buy the close, sell the open. How many times do you want me to show you this [16:45]? Buy the close, sell the open. It doesn’t always work, but it works a lot of the time. Buy the close, sell the open.

That’s what I’ve got today. This trade right here [17:08], I’ll leave it on this, GT. This is a super swing trade. These calls don’t expire until 2023. That’s almost three years away. I’ve never really tried to take a three-year long swing trade with options. I’m venturing into new, uncharted territory, It’s grueling, actually.

I don’t want to wait three years to get paid. It seems like a nightmare. At the same time, I get it. When you’re young, you’re impatient. You want action. You want results now. I think it’s a good mental experiment. You never know where a stock could go in three years, especially with it being a $17-strike price, a little out of the money. There was some really weird, unusual options activity in that name.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Let’s have a good day. Your fearless captain is here, nothing to fear. I love you guys. Let’s have an amazing day. God bless. See you on the charts.

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