Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 03 09 21

Good morning, traders, this is Jake from Good morning all my beautiful people. Let’s get right into today’s charts. It’s too bad I sold IDEX, a nice 12%. Those are coming back to life very fast. Looking on the daily time frame, it looks like we’re going to get a little bit more upside. I hate it when I sell. I sell, and it goes up. I sell, and it goes down. It’s a joke, but sometimes it’s what it feels like. I did it for my members. We do these little pow wows in the morning, 10, 15 minutes, so that we can go over what I’m looking at.

Options, for me, the only day trade that I like is AAPL for some reason. As you can see [01:19], I’ve traded AAPL many times. I’ve got to clean up some of my lines. There’s so many lines, [01:28], support, resistance, small, little five, ten-minute time frames. This [01:34] is the day time frame. What can I say about AAPL? It looks to me like tech, if I zoom out a little bit, I’m on the ten-minute time frame. I’m on the daily.

AAPL has been taking a beating over the last week. I don’t know which one of these [02:03] are pre-market or after-market sessions, but it’s even before that. Yeah, it was even up here [02:14]. It’s like dut, down, up, and then back down, almost two weeks of just taking a pounding. Can we get a dead cat bounce? Can we get a push today in tech? I know the rotation was happening, a little bit of a distribution happening with SPY before they let it down, pretty remarkable stuff.

As far as a day trade goes, I’m looking at AAPL. I know GME is up, and it can get squeezed, but I just stay away from that stock. It’s a meme stock, and I don’t like trading meme stocks. AAPL, we’ve got this overhead resistance right here [03:09]. You can make this a case for the downtrend because it’s touching more peaks. It got above it for a little bit, then it was a fake break out, back down, and now it’s breaking out again. We might come back down, and then we’ll have a nice push right up here [03:39] around 222.50 is resistance. Let me zero out my line.

This [03:56] is resistance for AAPL right there [04:00]; that’s 221.50. I’d like to see AAPL. It could get a push at the open. I need to buy it. I need to buy the dip, or I need to short the rip. I don’t like buying it here [04:31] where it’s the middle ground. I’d like to see it come back and kiss the simple day moving average and the ten-minute time frame before making its next up. Square, I saw, was gapping up pre-market. If I close this [04:43], it looks a square. Let’s see if we can get Square to load.

I’ve got my Options Master Class. If you want to learn how to trade A to Z, trade like me, I’m going to copy this [05:02]. It took me six months to put this together, but it’s Learn how to trade, and think, and analyze, and look for stocks like I do.

Moving on, Square, nice little gap up. I don’t really know what the news is, what the catalyst is, but to me it feels like dead cat bounce. Are we done with the selling on the indexes, or are we not done with the selling on the indexes? I’m going to be really patient today. I’m just going to wait for good set ups, good trades. I’m not looking to do too much, just stand by. Let’s have a good, nice green easy day.

There’s a lot you can trade, but without having to think too much I feel like AAPL, TSLA. I know it’s tech heavy. TSLA is so expensive. You always have to buy really deep out of the money. I like to buy a little closer in the money. That’s why I like AAPL, or Snap Chat, TWTR. All the tech is up, PTSG, Square.

Pinterest, not a lot of pre-market volume. That was the last one I wanted to look at. Not much going on with the PINS, 136.56 thousand shares trading per market. I’ll look at TSLA, I’ll look at Square, and I’ll look at AAPL. One million, that’s good pre-market. That’s also TSLA. Buy the dippers. Bull’s got to come in and really defend. AAPL, almost three million shares pre-market.

That’s what I’ve got this morning. Good luck. Let’s have a great, easy, chill Tuesday. Remember, weekly expiration options, very risky. Sometimes it can be like a lottery ticket. Don’t panic. Only put in what you can afford to lose. Other than that, I’m really excited. This week, so far, we’re off to a green start.

By the way, if you don’t have the trading log, I recommend you get it. I’ve been logging all my winners. This is Monday, so you can see WWWW. One of these trades was a member’s trade in the Members Trading Channel. This is Sashi’s call, WM. I took SPY three times. Still in KGC the ALE, ABBV, and a few more. I need to update this with the TWTR, and the Walmart, and the JNPR, Juniper. I can see yesterday was a good day. We had a 31%, 25%, 25%, that’s 50, 60, 70, 80% on an 80% trade.

I’m doing a small account challenge too. I’m trying to show people that you don’t need a big account to make money trading. I really want to teach people and show people number one, you don’t need a big account. You need to mix it up between day trades and swing trades when you have a small account. Then I put together the Master Course for anybody who’s interested in learning A to Z everything I know. I just can’t get into it on a personal, one-on-one level with each and every one of you because I am trading too. I’m watching the stocks. I’m trying to post the alerts. I’m trying to keep us all nice, and green, and profitable.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Markets will be opening in a little bit. Let me get off here and do the rest of my pre-market analysis. If you need anything, message me, James, or Sashi in the Slack. I recommend everybody keep a record of your trading log. You need to have a trading log. You need to log all your trades. Whether they’re my trades, your trades, I don’t care.

Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on your performance. The performance really matters. It helps you know, hey, am I doing good? Am I not doing good? If I’m not doing good, do I need to get more education? Do I need to practice more? Do I need to study more. Is there a seminar, a webinar, a course that I can take? The goal here is to just keep sharpening your tools because this game is an amazing game. You can make as much money as you want in the stock market when you know what you’re doing and following proper risk management protocols.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Let’s have an easy, awesome, Tuesdays. God bless, be great, and I’ll see you in the Slack and on the charts.

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