Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 03 11 21

Good morning, traders, and happy Thursday. This is Jake from Let’s get right into today’s charts. We’re going to be going over what I’m looking at this morning. BMBL, good earnings report. They haven’t been around very long, January, February the 12th IPO, down, up. They’re actually not up much. They’re still up, extended hours, only .14.

You are going to get to watch a little bit how I do this pre-market. There isn’t a lot of time, but let’s just try and get through this. I’m going to zero this [01:32] out. That’s pretty good. I’m just going to call it right there [01:49], 73 is the resistance. This is also good resistance right in here [02:04]. It’s already there pre-market. I need to see this break and get the 73 strike price. It could be good or wait for a dip buy opportunity. I’m either going to buy the dip, or I’m going to buy the breakout and sell it fast on the ten-minute time frame.

I also like DKNG for a day trade, Facebook [02:37]. Let’s go through all of these. SPPI, I’m not really into bio, but a member messaged me and told me that it might be good. She said Wall Street, we were talking about it 50 minutes ago. Who knows? On the ten-minute time frame, it could be fun, a little bit of a falling wedge here [03:45]. Go in the five-minute time frame. Let’s see what it looks like here [03:51]. We could get a little push up at the open, but not my style.

I like the ten-minute time frame. I’m a chicken. I like to buy on the 10 or 15-minute time frame. Ideally, I would go long here [04:10]. These guys who pushed it up and sold, and then people were buying, and buying, and buying. They got trapped. Now it’s down. They’ll probably bring it all the way back down to this high in here [04:25]. I could be wrong, but I’m just showing you a little bit about how my mind thinks and how my mind works.

SPPI, I’ll keep that one watch. BMBL, I’ll keep that on watch. Closing SPY at the open. We’ll be monitoring the other positions that we have open. BA is another one. BIDU, I don’t know. It’s Chinese. Look at the year-to-date on this thing. [05:37] what BIDU is doing, but it’s doing something. I don’t know what this [06:35] whole [06:35]. Who could have saw that [06:40] when it was coming? Getting pretty tight here [06:52]. This could rocket ship.

Are we going to break out? Are we going to break down? Tech’s been awfully weak. We’ll look at the weekly. It’s just having [07:13] identify my swings, but not exactly how I identify my – if it’s a day trade or a weekly expiration option, I don’t really look at the weekly or the daily time frame, mostly the ten-minute time frame if I see that there’s a lot of volume pre-market, there’s a lot of action.

I forgot to check to see how much volume there was in BMBL pre-market. One million is pretty good. I think BA was also on watch, but we’ll have to see about that one.

That’s all I’ve got for this morning. Thanks so much for being a member. I really do appreciate it. That’s it for this morning’s pre-market live. Just sharing with you a little bit how I’m looking at things and how I go about my methodology and practices. I’ll see you in the Slack and on the charts. God bless.

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