Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 12 17 2020

Let’s get right into today’s daily recap. I’m going to make this short and sweet. Let’s go through today’s trades, what we took, why we took them, what I was seeing. Trading is trading.; It’s not always going to work out, so risk management; don’t go all in.

Here’s ROKU, great example. We had a little bit of a push up in the morning. Things were looking bullish. We got above this [00:47] pre-market resistance but there was a little bit of a fake out, a head fake, slammed us right back down. Pushed it back up, slammed it right back down here [01:32] to this support area that I drew, and then another push up to this resistance. Just not enough gas today to really stay above it and get the party going. It was already quite the movement here [01:50], again. Then we got the slow bleed out the rest of the day. I closed my position right around here [01:58] for around a 50% loss on Roku.

Apple was great. PTON was great. We held PTON overnight. I’m not really big for holding overnight but such is life.

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