Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 12 23 2020

Good morning, traders, good morning. This is Jake from Let’s get right into today’s pre-market analysis, so MarketWatch. I mean, there’s a couple of these websites you can use, Market Chameleon, FinViz, MarketWatch, Barcharts, Benzinga.

What I’m looking at today is FSLR. I’m also looking at MRNA. I’m also looking at Apple. I’m looking at Square. Nice price upgrade today on Square. I need to create a new watch list because I like to cycle through some stuff during the market and see what’s going on. Let’s go ahead and blow this [01:39] up and go through the charts.

I’ve got another gap fill window right here [02:09]. Let me zero this out. I’m going to be looking at going maybe short, MRNA, here at this resistance, 126, or possibly go long for a bounce off the 115 for a scout, and then go short below this 115 area. Going to be going short. Can extend this a little bit more here [03:02]. That’s on watch for the day. SQ had a nice price upgrade.

Let me see something here [03:50]. I’m on the 15-minute time frame, so I’m going to end up switching over to the – I want to connect those dots. Yeah, we might get a little bit of a flash get buy opportunity here [04:09]. Let’s go to the five minute. Yeah, I like Square. We’ll be watching Square today for sure.

Then FSLR, which I haven’t done any charts on, but really quick to be at the six month. Getting a little extended up here [05:03] guys, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get one more good push up. This [05:12] is what I’m looking at in the day, in the five minute, the pre-market high, and then also Apple.

The Apple could be good, guys. They’re coming out with electric cars, look out. I’m going to go probably buy some calls if we get a little bit of a flush, get an open flush. This [06:39] will be a good area above this [06:42] to go along, market fill. Let’s keep an eye on this buy. I like Apple. I like Square, and MRNA, and FSLR. Those are the stocks on watch for me today.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I will probably keep an eye on some stuff. For instance, let’s actually blow this [07:15] back up. I’ll show you guys one more thing, which is DOCU. I don’t know if I’ve drawn any lines here. Trying to get above it, trying to get above here [07:42]. It’s a big resistance. We’re doing it. Got all the way up to 253.81 at one point, so these options will expire this week.

Hold at your own risk. This [08:07] is something I’m looking at. I like that [08:13]. I like that. Think about natural areas of resistance when we’re in these new all-time – well, not new all-time high areas, actually. Some go to year-to-date.

RSI looks good. It looks like if we can get above here [08:42], we can really see another run before up to this 78-79, 79-21 area on RSI. This is curling up. If this green goes this way, this red goes this way. I mean, we’re in a good stance with DOCU.

I’m going to do some charts really quick. This [09:12] will be the last one I do that I draw on. I’ve got another one right here [09:19]. I’m going to zoom in a little bit. I’m going to pull this up about to here [09:27]. I’ve got this big picture trend line. I’ve also got this gap window right here [09:43]. Back to the day.

Yeah, I could see a little bit of a flash, a pump, or a dump, and then I’d love to see 255. We’re in a good stance, honestly, for this to happen. Two fifty-five, I think I’d exit the rest of my position or most of it, and then maybe get above this pre-market high right here [10:50]. Then 255.82 is in the cards. Big picture is 260.

Can we get there by – well, Friday is closed. It’s really just today and tomorrow the market’s open. Keep an eye on this one. Our calls are in the money now. Let’s see if we can’t get a little bit more upside. I’d love to see these calls get $1, $2 in the money.

That’s all I’ve got, guys, for today. It’s the end of the year, so we’ve got Christmas. Markets, there’s not a lot of volume with this buy and stuff. This light volume, 594,000 shares traded, we could just kind of float, grind, float, grind, float, nothing too crazy. Just choppy markets up and down in a channel.

That’s all I’ve got today, guys. I’ll see you in the group. We’ll play it by ear. Thanks so much for tuning in. I’ll see you in the Slack. God bless, see you on the charts.

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