Jake’s Bio

Hi, my name is Jake and I’ve been an options trader for over 5 years. I come from a very humble background, not from a rich family but rich in spirituality and love. Never made more than 30K in a year for most of my adult life, until discovering trading options. I am 31 years old and when I’m not trading I like practicing Yoga, Meditation and doing volunteer work and charitable service. No college degree. I dropped out of college two times and highschool.

Here is a photo of my real brokerage account when I first started trading options. I read no books watched no videos went to no seminars, just learned through trial and error, some call it dumb money. Dumb money makes money. Remember that. Funny story I had a lot of professional traders call me crazy, but here I am today crushing the markets with my group.
Back then I wasn’t crushing anything the markets were crushing me. It took almost 2 years to save up a little under 10K and I immediately lost it all within 2 months of trading.

I was devastated, to say the least. I then took a loan out and subscribed to a number of so-called “experts” and “private groups.” All of which failed me because everyone has a different style of trading and these so-called “swing traders” had large accounts with 100K or more, even half a million. And I hated it. It didn’t make any sense and none of them seem to care about me personally.

Nobody was out there trading weekly YOLO options successfully, but I discovered by the grace of God it is the only way to grow your account fast with exponential gains even with a small trading account. I watched a friend from LA (I will keep his name private) turn $500 USD into 200K in 4 weeks during the coronavirus crash of 2020 mostly on $SPY bounces off support.

I was forever changed in my view and understanding of what options really were a tool of leverage and the best trading vehicle for becoming a millionaire. I tried a lot of different styles before options. Penny Stocks and eventually took some courses all were trash. Only deeper in debt and no results. I consider myself extremely fortunate and lucky to have found this unique path of trading with options, I don’t see anyone else doing it. So It is my Duty obligation and responsibility to do the right thing and help the next-gen of traders out in their quest for financial freedom. God bless and I’ll see you on the charts!