Jake The Stock Guy: Options Trading 


If you are a stock investor, if you are a fan of options trading, if you want to find out how to start trading in options and if you are looking to get started in options trading, you are at the right place.

Offering the “Options Trading Master Course” and our very own “Options Trading Alerts”, Jake The Stock Guy helps you learn how to trade in options through our Options Trading Master Course and get started on Options Trading through our Options Trading Service.

An initiative by Jake, a very successful options trader who has been trading since the last 5 years, Jake has a lot to offer in options trading. By offering his own expertise and being a part of the trading process itself, Jake wants to help investors learn the best in options trading and earn their fullest through the right guidance and the right trading platform.  

What We Offer At Jake The Stock Guy

Jake The Stock Guy offers two products at its website:

An “Options Trading Master Course” and an options trading alert service called “Options Alerts”.

Through both these options, Jake The Stock Guy gives you the choice of learning how to trade in options through its options trading course and then joining the realm of trading through its trading alerts called “Options Alerts”.

At Jake The Stock Guy, we have a win-loss ratio of 80% to 20% and our offerings are one of a kind. We have a winning policy of ‘following the rules’ and we make sure you win by learning with us and practicing your trades with a professional such as Jake.

About The “Options Trading Master Course”

At Jake The Stock Guy, we offer the Options Trading Master Course for option traders.

The Options Trading Master Course is available for $249 which was previously priced at $949. The course is free for active members. However, if you are a joining member, you can get it for $249.

As a part of this course, you get to learn the following:

  • The basics of options trading and mastering it
  • Learning the difference between both calls and puts
  • How options differ from stocks
  • Understanding the theory behind trading in options
  • Difference between both buying and selling options
  • How to trade calls and puts both
  • Learning the foundation of different options trading such as leverage, POP and others
  • Understanding the most important rules of options trading
  • Understanding and learning the basics between trading verticals
  • Understanding options and how options work (strike price and bid-ask spread amongst others)

It is impossible to trade in options if you don’t know how to trade. However, with our Options Trading Master Course, you can learn how to trade and get started right away.

If you are satisfied by the course details and want to access the Options Trading Master course, click here,  enjoy the ‘Early Birds Discount’ and get started on options trading right away.

Options Alerts: Our Options Trading Alert Service

Jake The Stock Guy offers its very own trading alerts called “Platinum Options Alerts”.

You can get access to the option alerts by choosing our Options Alert Platinum Membership and signing up today.  

At Jake The Stock Guy, we have a 50-100% target profit and a 60-70% alert success rate.

Furthermore, we provide 5-10 alerts per week and real-time alerts as well. We also have a private Facebook group that can guide you through your trades, the choice of cancelling/pausing your trades at any time, VIP support, trading recap videos and private chat rooms. We provide safety and security and work hard to enhance your trading processes to ensure you make the most out of your trading process.

To start using the option trade service, you can sign up for the 14 days trial for $14.99 and then pay in future payments in $198 to acquire the option trade alerts fully through our Platinum Membership.

How Does The Option Alert Service Work?

The process of trading at Jake The Stock Guy is quite simple and easy. To get started, follow the steps below:


To get started on trading at Jake The Stock Guy, you can post an alert on Slack.


After posting an alert, you will receive an alert. You can receive these alerts on the phone or a computer, depending on where you are using the platform.


In step three, you execute the trade, based on the size of your portfolio or your risk management strategy.


You sell the position or collect it. However you collect it to make good money.

To Get Started On Jake The Stock Guy

To get started on Jake The Stock Guy, you need to invest at least $1,000 to get started. You can start trading by visiting our website or by downloading the Slack app. Trading on an online platform is easy and if you want to trade on your phone, you can start receiving alerts and start filling them.

Jake The Stock Guy has a lot to offer to option investors and traders. You can try their option alert service at a very affordable initial price or their course and secure yourself a good future in the options realm starting today.