Options Alerts Platinum Membership

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50%-100% Target Profit

60%-70% Alert Success Rate

5-10 Alerts Per Week

Real-time Alerts

We send our Alerts via Slack to make it easy to receive alerts in your phone and computer.

Cancel/Pause Anytime

24/7 access to your private membership dashboard to manage your subscription.

Private Facebook Group

You will get access to our private Facebook Community to enable you to get answers to your questions, share and interact with other members.

VIP Support 

VIP Support via Phone, Chat, and Email

Trading Recap Videos

You get access to my daily trading recap videos where I I showcase the strategies I used to make my decisions.

Private Chat Room 

You will get access to our private chatroom in Slack  to exchange ideas and strategies with other members


step 1


I send an Alert Like the once below .

step 2


You can receive my alerts on your phone or computer using the Slack app.

step 3


In this part it is up to you to execute the trade or not based on your portfolio size and your risk management strategy.

step 4


You sell your position and collect profit like a pro.

Same Sell alerts will be posted in Slack and Sent per Text to all our members

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Harrison K. Kaeo

I live in the most expensive place to live in America, Hawai'i. Killing myself working 3 jobs at one point just get the bills paid. I had been day trading for 2 years and not doing a very good job at it when I came across Jakes Alerts on a Facebook page and decided to sign up because I was tired of losing money every weekday trading. I started seeing my account grow after the first week!! I've been receiving Jakes Alerts for 6 months now and my account is up 43%. I quit my part-time job and my weekend job. Now I'm only working 4 days a week and I can actually afford to do my most favorite things almost every week, golfing and going to the beach! My wife loves the fact that I'm not hurting every night from being on my feet for 13 hours a day. I thank The Lord daily for bringing Jake into my life. I am convinced that in a few years I can do this full time! God Bless You, Jake.

Mitch Garson

Working with Jacob has been very straightforward and also successful. I work as a sales rep full time and I have been trading over the last year, and recently got involved in options and contracts and learned what I could about them. Started trading them , Jacob and I briefly spoke and I decided to give it a shot. Why not? $100 isn’t much to lose for the upside it has. The first signal netted $2,800 on a $1,100 investment. I lost 300 on another signal, I would like to point out though, I followed the stop loss and that cut the losses to a minimum.

William Addison

Jake's alerts have helped me make informed decisions. I started off not knowing much and I was struck by his personality and his clear communication that made it accessible to me to understand the market in an approachable manner. I highly recommend checking out his alerts for yourself since they obviously helped me, it should help you too.

Sean Trostel

I joined Jacob's trade organization a month back and I’ve already earned 5 times what I paid to join his group. It’s one of the best investments I could have ever made” by following his tweets and with him sharing his knowledge, the profits started rolling in right away… My percentage of winning trades went up drastically And I can see my growth is really accelerating fast. Thank you once again, Jacob.

Frequently asked questions

I did not receive an email confirmation after I signed up , what should I do?

The confirmation email might take few minutes to get delivered, if not Please email our support team and they will fix you up help@jakethestockguy.com

Can I receive Alerts per SMS or Email?

Yes, you can opt-in for receiving Text Alerts after joining the membership. 

Can I join your membership to watch and learn?

Yes. you can join to watch and learn a lot of insightful conversations are going on in the different private chatrooms and you can learn a lot from experienced traders.

Does the trial include 14 calendar days or 14 trading days?

14 calendar days since the membership includes access to different chatrooms and groups where you can communicate 24/7 and not trading days only.

How do I receive the alerts?

The confirmation email will include a link to join the slack channel. if not please email our support and they will invite you to the Slack channel help@jakethestockguy.com

Do you send Alerts only about options?

Yes, Only options.

Is this about coaching/teaching how to trade options?

This is not a coaching subscription, this is an alerts only membership.

Are these day traders only Alerts?


How much is your alerts success rate?


How much is your target profit per option trade?

50%-100% but keep in mind this is not Las Vegas, take profit when you can.

How many alerts do you send out per week?

5 to 10 per week.

What is the recommended account size to be able to follow your trades?

$1000 is the minimum to start following my alerts.

Do you also send alerts on when to sell?

No, since everyone has his own profit target and can exist when he wants. my exit strategy and goals could be different than yours. it is better to minimize the risk and take your profit.

Can I see your trades history?

Yes, you get an Excel sheet when you signup for the trial.

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can manage your subscription in your private membership area in this link

are credit card information required to join your membership?

Yes, you can only join when you have a valid payment method, credit card or Paypal.

How can change/update the credit card information for my membership

you can login to your private membership area and update your information in this link


You did not find an answer to your questions?
please drop us an email at help@jakethestockguy.com and we will get back to you ASAP.