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been following jake for a bit but so far his plays have been successful, will continue to follow his plays and hopefully make good money

Wendy De Leon-Moreno

So far soo good!!! Love how this group interacts and jake has given some great options alerts!!!

Dennis Emmett Hernandez

After losing thousands of dollars with other services and my own misdirection, I got into Jacob’s services of the stock market and have not looked back! Jacob reaches out, motivates and is very helpful. my return with Jacob had been at a 200% of my portfolio since joining him 2 months ago. Jacob is the real deal. What you pay is long forgotten after you see the return on your investment.

Henry Cornejo

I’ve paid for every stock and options service you can imagine and Jake’s is my favorite. There are a few things that really sets Jake apart from all the others like, his alerts are very easy to follow, he gives a realistic amount of alerts which allows me to purchase the majority of them, he doesn’t try to up sell you another service (this is a pet peeve of mine), he’s always there to help or asks another member to assist if he can not, he doesn’t overwhelm you with a too much news or information. In 2 days of trading with his alerts I’ve paid for the entire year of my membership but there is a free trial so really you have nothing to loose but tons of money to gain by trying his service. Thanks Jake!! You are awesome!!

Johanna Bagley

The best alerts in the market very simple and sharp totally worth it. I really can do my job while I’m trading profitably with jake.

Ali Mudhafar

I’ve only been in Jake’s group for two weeks but I made a few
hundred bucks so it already paid for the first few months. I’ll update
my review in month 6. Thanks, Jake for sharing all your knowledge

Scott Hall

I have been trading options for years and I am still learning new things from Jacob. He knows what he is doing, and i am thankful that he is willing to share his talents.

Dyvonne Reese Robinson