Options Trading MasterClass

$1947 $947

  • Master the basics of Options trading
  • Understand the theory behind Options
  • How are Options different than Stocks
  • Understand options and how options work (strike prices, bid-ask spread, etc.)
  • Learn the differences between calls and puts
  • Learn how to trade calls and puts effectively
  • Learn the foundation of options trading (leverage, POP, etc.)
  • Learn the difference between buying options and selling options
  • Understand and use the most important rules in options trading
  • Learn the basics of trading verticals, the Almighty of option trading
  • And More ...
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Your instructor: Jake

my name is Jake and I’ve been an options trader for over 5 years. I come from a very humble background, not from a rich family but rich in spirituality and love. Never made more than 30K in a year for most of my adult life, until discovering trading options. I am 31 years old and when I’m not trading I like practicing Yoga, Meditation and doing volunteer work and charitable service. No college degree. I dropped out of college two times and highschool.