Pre-market Live and Options Picks for 02 12 21

Hello, good morning traders. Happy Friday, the 12th. Let’s get right into today’s charts. Looking at RIOT as a possible day trade, LUMN as a swing trade. You can trade what you want. We have a member’s trading channel, a lot of contributors. I like Mr. Wolf’s [00:46 ph]. I like Sashi’s calls. These are the calls that I like and that I take. I’ve been doing this long enough, I don’t really need to follow anybody else. I just trade what I see, what I think, and it works 99% of the time.

One thing to keep an eye on this morning is that WBT is 4% down pre-market. That one’s going to sting. Those calls, remember guys, they don’t expire until January of next year. If they get a little beat up, don’t worry. Don’t panic. You can add to them if you want. It’s only if you’re still within a 3% your total portfolio in a position. What did I put on watch? Disney, Space, PayPal, CBAT, LUMN.

Do you know what else I’m going to add to that is the DNN. I like this trade a lot. This is a uranium, and it’s hot. It’s radioactive. The 250 April calls I really like a lot. I’m probably going to get those. I like the CBAT charts on the daily. A lot of really good places to get some calls. I’m going to go down, technically, a little bit lower. This is potential lows here [02:46]. I like CBAT ten-calls for March. I mean, pretty nice and clear. We’re either going to break down or break up here [03:06] soon. I like this [03:08]. I like the CBAT.

LUMN I like as a swing trade also because same set up. It’s the same set up every time. There’s nothing new with me. I’m boring Jake. I’m going to zero this [03:38] out. It’s a good place to get some LUMN. I mean, we are taking calls while SPY is at all-time highs. They’re long, dated calls. They’re swings. We can get hurt, but I don’t think it can kill us.

Where was the March 21st? Yeah, the 12.50s. [04:20] the IV’s low around 57. The delta’s nice too. As far as day trade, so LUMN, CBAT, DNN, I like DNN the most to be honest. I think that one’s going to be almost like a GSAT. As far as day trades go, I like PayPal, Space, Twitter. Those are the three I’m looking at this morning.

I’ve just got to be patient on this one [05:22]. I’m going to blow this [05:28] up for you guys so you can see it a little better. This is support because it came down to here [05:35} yesterday, and it held it nicely. A little bit of a channel. I’m going to have to just be patient on this one, try and get a good entry with IV low. SPCE, I don’t know what the news was on Space. Maybe somebody can tell me.

Space just big dump, gave back all of yesterday’s move, back the lows of Wednesday, pretty much. Yes, I like the Space trade because it’s got this [06:29] nice gap window to fill. On the ten-minute time frame, we’re getting pretty low to that 20 RSI. This is a good, I think, long set up to hold. Maybe get next week’s 60 calls, see if we can get some continuation or just a day trade. Let them expire today. Keep a small position, and see if we can get a nice 100, 200% return.

I want to see what BB is doing. For some reason, I just woke up this morning, and this name came to me. This is one of those trades that you never see coming. Then they just rip out of the gate, boom. This could be a really good trade today. I like this [07:22] that we’re on the ten-minute time frame. I’m just going to give BB a shot.

M, Macy’s, I always forget about the M. This is a really fun stock to trade. I’m going to go back to BB for a day trade, but M can be phenomenal, on a Friday, especially. I like the 16 calls for today. I want to get it a little lower right in here [07:52]. Timing is everything with day of expiration options.

I’m going to be watching BB and M today. I like those as a day trade. I want to check the options chain. The market’s not open, so I can’t really see the volume. I can see [08:16] the open interests on today’s 12.50 for February, yeah, today, 12.50. Let me go back to the charts. Where is the 12.50? Oh my God, yes, BB is the one. M, I think, too, is even good. I traded M a lot back here [08:57] in December last year.

Okay, that’s it, BB, M, those are my two day trades I’m focusing on. Then DNN will be a swing trade. CBAT will be a swing trade. Potentially, LUMN will be a swing trade. I like those three a lot. Thanks for being a member. I really do appreciate it. God bless, and I’ll see you on the charts.

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